Beyond the Beagle

Since Darwin’s time, technological advancement has dramatically influenced and developed our understanding of the world around us. Join us and explore recent discoveries through the eyes of modern day scientists.

Nearly 200 years on from the time when the Beagle was constructed, a number of significant changes have been implemented to create the modern research vessel. The modern day scientist is also very different!

Cutting edge technology has allowed us to discover and investigate our oceans and seas on a scale Darwin could only have dreamed of. Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) enable us to explore the deepest, most inaccessible parts of the ocean and its inhabitants. Satellite links allow us to talk to crew members in ‘real time’ about their work and discoveries, helping to inform and share the importance of their findings and the need for conservation.

Even now, new species are being discovered, new communities of animals found and surprising insights into the mysteries of the oceans witnessed.

In this clip, Sir David Attenborough gives us an insight into how, even in the last 30 years, technology has changed so dramatically that we can film the natural world as never before, helping us to develop a deeper understanding of animals and the environments in which they live. You can click here to watch another clip where Sir David Attenborough talks us through the role of technology.