What defines a species? It’s time to look at Galapagos from a micro scale and find out about genetics – the building blocks of life. Learn about one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time by Charles Darwin and see his theory of evolution by natural selection at work with the marine iguana.

Leaf DNA 2 by Krisada


Basic Concepts in Genetics

Learn about genes and how they are an instruction manuals which determine biological characteristics.

Volcano by Silvia LoveraAdapting to Various Environments

Through evolution, species adapt over time to become better suited to their environments.Learn about how species adapt to their environment by changing their characteristics over generations.

Fossil by Alice RalphCharles Darwin and Natural Selection

Discover Charles Darwin and the five year voyage that lead him to his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

Adaptations Case Study: Marine Iguana

Marine Iggy

Galapagos Marine Iguanas are the only iguana to have adapted to feeding underwater. Discover how and why these fascinating reptiles changed to benefit from their habitat.

Question MarkEvolution and Genetics Quiz

How much do you know about Evolution and Genetics? Take our quick quiz to find out!